Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Sale, Christmas Sale, Yule/ Winter Solstice Sale

Black Friday Sale, Christmas Sale, Yule/Solstice Day Sale at our ETSY Store. The ETSY store is our store for all our handmade items and some vintage items and some supplies. We are having items reduced for our Black Friday Sale, Christmas Sale, Yule/Solstice Day Sale as low as50% off and everything in between to as little as 10% off. We are saleing items such as handmade Navajo jewelry, protection jewelry, moon pad patterns, shamanic healing, tarot card readings, singing bowls, and of course our handmade goat milk soap. So come see what wonderful stuff we have on sale at our ETSY store.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Shamanic Center

The Shamanic Center,

Well, we got a little bit done on our little center. We got one large compost pile completed and it is really good compost. We got our sheep sheared and some of his fiber washed. We will card it later and spin it. Hope to make a pair of ceremonial felted boots from the fiber. We completed the mountain shrine but still need to do ceremony for it. We at least have the fence up in the bio-intensive farm area and started clearing away a two hundred foot area in hopes of growing something there. Hope to get a small 5o foot mini- green house built for our winter food. We have started the 40 foot compost pile. This should make enough compost for the entire small mini-farm next season. We are still working on the fire pit site.

We have been working on our etsy store mostly and have some of our hand made items on it and very reasonably priced shamanic consultation, and tarot card readings at

Well, this is all we have for update.

Many blessings Shaman Amy

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Get Witchified Podcast Interview of Shaman Amy

Get Witchified Podcast Interview of Shaman Amy

First I'd like to tell all of you that are interested where to find the podcast. It is the seventh episode:

I'd also like to tell you a little about the podcast and Oseaana the host of the podcast.

The podcast delve into the witch world of spell craft, devination, the paranormal and everyday life.

Oseaana also has several stores and other websites.,, and an Etsy store where you can get her handmade one of a kind special spiritual creations Go and enjoy her podcast, she offers music, pagan happenings around New York, witchy information for spell making, interviews with various people, etc.

I had a custom bottle for my altar make. She is very gifted. Go and get your own custom items.

Many blessings

Shaman Amy

Friday, September 12, 2008

Wild Shaman

I had to address this because I don't think people are really knowing me. That is the problem of making assessments based on electronical equipment. We don't really see the people in their day to day life and so we don't really know how they live by just receiving an email or occasional phone call.

I found it funny that anyone could think I was wild. Most people that know me think I'm boring. When I was a teen ager my parents were mad at me because I liked foriegn customes. When I was a teen ager I wanted to make a museum of folk customes. If I found someone with an interesting custome in the mall I'd walk up to them and say. "Oh, I just love what you're wearing." "Where are you from." "What is that custome called". And I'd be having them in public trying to teach me how you wear the thing. These are the wild things I did as a teen ager along with ice skating, horseback riding, growing trees, painting, knitting, crochet, embroidering, reading, yoga, ballet, writing, building a trimaran boat with my father, and helping out my family in the family business. You can tell I was just a very problem child for my parents.

I've never liked alchohol or drugs. I got high once in my life on alchohol, thought it was stupid and never touched a drop ever again. When I want to Partie, it means we sit together with a small group of people quietly and eat what I consider a nice meal and have desert and talk. A good meal is like a pizza, chicken, meat loaf with if I'm really going to go all out( apple juice, ice cream, and maybe chocolate cake).

The crazy insane things I like to do are beading, painting, biointensive farming, make dolls, sew clothes, spin fiber into yarn, crochet and knit clothing, quilt,read books, just plain ol try to keep up on my mobile mantanince.

I go to really wild places like Wild West Nature Park, the natural history museum, libraries(oh i just love libraries) the zoo, parks with my son and husband.

I love people and love the Earth we live on and all the creatures we share this world with. My spirituallity has always been important to me and takes up a considerable amount of my time. I hope this little letter about what I like to do helps people to better understand the kind of person I am. I don't really know what wild means but this is me.

Many blessings
Shaman Amy

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Our New Etsy Store

A friend of mine told me about ETSY. It is a really wonderful website where everything sold is hand made. I really like the idea of letting everyone have a part in hand making items and making a living out of it. Here's what they say-

What is Etsy?
Etsy is an online marketplace for buying & selling all things handmade.Our mission is to enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers.
Our vision is to build a new economy and present a better choice:Buy, Sell, and Live Handmade.

I like this option because now people have control over their lives and happy people making stuff puts positive energy into the items they make. This helps to create an upward spiril of spiritual good. Also, then everyone will really have their own look. When I used to be a teacher I noticed that all the teachers went to the same store and we all looked alike.

I also see clothes and other items as being an extension of the spiritual self and so to me hand made is a very important spiritual item as well.

When you go to ETSY you will find our store with just only handmade items from us only. So far we have some jewelry, one shamanic item, and soap. We hope to add more items soon.

Many blessings

Shaman Amy

What is Etsy?
Etsy is an online marketplace for buying & selling all things handmade.Our mission is to enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers.
Our vision is to build a new economy and present a better choice:Buy, Sell, and Live Handmade.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sarangerel's Birthday

Sarangerel was a great shaman and we are celebrating her birthday with a spiritual birthday party to honor her for all she has done for Americans and the rest of the world. Here's a little about her.

Born Mongol in the United States on August 20, 1963, Sarangerel later went to live in Mongolian regions of (the central) Mongolia, Buryatia and Tuva. She worked tirelessly to restore and reconstruct the ancient and the original belief system of the Mongols and to reintroduce it to the people around the globe. As a scholar and lecturer, and as the Foreign Outreach Officer of Golomt Tuv, she travelled back and forth between the Mongolias and the Western countries, giving lectures and workshops. In her first book, Riding Windhorse, she expressed that the ancient Mongolian spiritual belief system could offer a lot to help resolve some of the modern problems, such as environmental destructions and the lacking of harmony between the nature and humans.

“Tengerism” is a term that Sarangerel reintroduced and is increasingly being accepted by practitioners of Mongolian shamanism.

Happy Birthday Sarangerel!!

Lessons From The Dead

Lessons Taught from the Dead
By Shaman Amy Frank

I have a very special gift. I am able to communicate with beings in the other worlds almost as well as I communicate with people here in our own physical world. The wonderful thing about this gift is the lessons I have learned from those who have passed on. I truly believe the words “passed on” or “transitioned” are correct, because leaving this realm is not the end of existence, it is just a passage to another realm.

I now have the true understanding of dying. So now death is not fearful to me. When we die it is no different than being born and also just as uncontrollable to the spirit. In other words, when it is time to be born there is nothing the spirit can do to stop it from happening. They will be born into this world, like it or not. The same with dying, a spirit can not stop the dying process. They will die and go on to the next realm like it or not.

Another thing about dying is that you take with you all of your emotions, and any other ideas you had in this realm. In other words, there is no escaping from your deeds that you did while you were in this realm. If you did something nasty here you will face it in the next realm. If you murdered someone, you will face that dead person in the other realm and they well make you know about what you did. If you did good things, also you will face that as well. People you helped, were kind to, etc. will remind you over and over at the wonderful things you did for them and you will feel happy at what you did in this realm. But not only does this apply to people but to animals as well. If you used to enjoy setting dogs on fire or drowning cats, you will be faced with that as well.
If you didn’t get all you were meant to do in this realm, or you were careless with the precious physical body you were gifted with, you will be faced with remorse and sadness. If you had shattered relationships in this realm, guess what, you take all of your dysfunction with you, and all of the unhappiness too. The most difficult thing of all when a person goes to the next realm is seeing over and over again all the mistakes they made when they were here.

There are many lessons that the spirit people want me to tell all of us here in this realm.
1. Do your best with relationships so when you pass on, you will not be faced with how awful you were. Don’t focuse on how the other should have done this or that. Just do your best to be as good as possible to all people and everything else in this realm.
2. Don’t commit suicide. Commiting suicide is not the excape people think it is. It is far better to resolve stuff here in this realm than to excape to the other realm because you will take all that stuff with you and so it is NOT AN ESCAPE AT ALL.
3. Forgive your relations that have passed on. They really need forgiveness because they carry a heavy burden.
4. Keep an altar for your ancestors and pray for them in the other realm. It really makes a difference for them and the prayers help them where they are and they really want all the people that they used to communicate with them to remember them. The old Egyptian saying that as long as a persons name is spoken they never die is true.

With all that say I wish all of you many blessings in this realm and the next.

Shaman Metaphysical Store

Friday, August 15, 2008

Helping with the Comprehension of my Shamanic Pathway

I've had many people confused about what I am and what I do. I have to say that I am not a New Ager. I am very traditional having learned from indigenous medicine people and Shaman. I found an article that really explains what I am very well and all the differences. This is important so people do not waste their time with me when they should be somewhere else.

The article is: The Role of Fear in Traditional and Contemporary Shamanism
Copyright: Michael York. Bath Spa University College and the article can be found at

I will just put the last paragraph of his conclusion here and you can go to the article to read the rest. I promise you will know exactly where you stand and were I stand when you read the article. It is really very well done.

The contrast between New Age shamanism and pagan shamanism in a modern Western context revolves around the role of fear. In traditional shamanism, the shaman’s initiation is an ordeal involving pain, hardship and terror. In its classic version, the shaman experiences death, often dis-membership or skeletalisation, before undergoing reconstitution and rebirth. New Age, by contrast is a religious perspective that denies the ultimately reality of the negative, and this would devalue the role of fear as well. But in seeking to dismiss the fearsome, New Age also has the propensity to eliminate a central feature of religion qua religion, namely, the experience of awe. The encounter with the mysterium tremendum et fascinans engenders a mixed emotion of fear, reverence and wonder. If, however, all becomes `sweetness and light’ through a New Age agenda, there is no dread. But without the experience of fear, there can then be no real experience of the awesome. New Age shamanism would then seem to constitute an incomplete form of shamanism – one which does not include the central feature of shamanic initiation, and one which also does not include a central feature of religion.

Please, please, please, read the entire article so you can know exactly where the differences lie. This will help you decide if you want spiritual guidance from me, healing from me, or to even mentor with me. It is very important if someone wants to mentor with me because my worldview is very different from New Age and you may not feel comfortable with me.

Many blessings

Shaman Amy

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In Buffalo Bird Woman's Footsteps

In the Footsteps of Buffalo Bird Woman

Buffalo Bird Woman was a Hidatsa Native American and anyone interested can get her book at Bountiful Gardens at

As told to Gilbert Wilson, 1917, 129 pp.
Diverse Gardens and Gardeners,

Buffalo Bird Woman, a Hidatsa, was born in 1839. She was an expert gardener who shared her traditional Native American ways in this book, first published in 1917. Includes planting and harvest traditions, ceremonies, songs, and recipes, focusing on the traditional crops; corn, squash, beans, sunflowers, and tobacco.

It is a very interesting book and like her I am preparing to dry food for the winter months. I really wanted a solar dehydrator and found a wonderful book with plans and everything but just haven’t gotten around to getting the dehydrator made. I do right now have an electric dehydrator with five trays and instead of being held back by not having the solar one I originally wanted went ahead and used the electric one.

It’s harvest time and although we didn’t grow a large garden this year (we were investigating many types of gardens to see which worked best).We did have 200 square feet of biointensive beds and two forest gardens. We have finished drying one load of bell peppers and 10 of them fit in a quart ball glass canning container.

I enjoyed reading Buffalo Bird Woman’s book. It let me know how self sufficient Native American’s were. I like the idea of drying food in a solar dehydrator so no need of using a lot of energy would go into drying the food. I also like having my food dehydrated because it saves on storage space as well as energy.

Shaman Metaphysical Store

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Navajo Protection Bracelet Class Tomorrow

Free Class on Navajo Protection Bracelet 8/10/08 at 4PM with the Edgewood NM knitters Club. Held at Good Fibrations #4 George Ct. Ste D. Edgewood, NM 87015 505-281-5963, Shaman Amy Frank will discuss the use of protection jewelry and with particular attention to the Navajo Cedar Berry Protection Bracelet.

Cedar Berry Protection Bracelets produced by our own Pure Navajo Jewelry Maker

Navajo Protection Bracelets

The Navajos have many types of protection. They have various types of wild tobacco that grow on the reservation that are smoked for protection. One can also use arrowheads for protection. They are said to split off the negativity but these must be blessed by a medicine man before they can be used. There are certain herbs like Ch il Diche but this herb can be difficult to find. And there are cedar berries bracelets. The Cedar Berries in this bracelet are from the Navajo. Legend has it that they have been worn for hundreds of years as protection from evil spirits and bad dreams. They never have to be taken off.

Our Navajo protection bracelets used to be made for us but the business that made them went out of business. The good news is that our Navajo Jewelry maker who is pure blood Navajo is going to be making them. They will now come in three sizes small medium and large. They will be made with turquoise chips and wild crafted cedar berries that he drills holes in his self to allow them to be beaded. He will use three colors of glass seed beads, crystal, turquoise, and red and red pony beads too. It will use the metal jewelry wire. This will also include a shamanic blessing for protectiona as well. We hope you will enjoy this new product.

Please click on the protection jewelry link to see our protection bracelets: Protection Jewelry Link

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Sacredness of Trees

The Sacredness of Trees

Trees are very sacred. Not only are trees sacred by our modern science but spiritually as well. Science tells us that our weather is changing. One of the reasons for this is the disregard for the value of trees and the constant cutting them down. Also, tree deep root bring up nutrients for plants with lesser root systems. Trees also leave valueable mulch in their leaves for building up vital soils. Trees are the habitate for all types of insects, birds, pollenators, and other creatures. Trees help prevent soil erosion. Trees exchange carbon dioxide for oxigen. Trees have medical properties that we use even in todays modern medicine.

On an everyday person point of view. Trees provide shade for a hot summers day. Trees are beautiful. Some trees provide food not only for animals but for people too.

On a sacred level. Trees have individual personalities. Trees represent the three worlds. Trees are portals to various worlds. Trees are healers. Trees are wisdom. And when a tree is used sacredly as a peace tree or oboo it is especially important to treat it with respect. It is then important to smudge it with smudge ( sacred smoke from burning sage, sweet grass, or sandalwood incence). It is important to give it sacred drink ( tea, water, and milk) .

It is important that trees be respected.

A respected tree gives many blessings to a society. A disrespected trees brings problems even though most people now days don't see this because they live in a pretend land. But, just look at the global environmental problems and you can see that all of us must change and learn respect for all of the creation.

Shaman Amy Frank

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Price of Authenticity

The Price of Authenticity

I was speaking with a lady the other day and she told me about a horrible childhood with extreme abuse that actually went on until well into adulthood. She also told me that while going through a very tough time in her life that a spirit of a holocaust victim came to her and told her there was a cost for survival. I thought about what she told me and realized it wasn’t so much for survival than for authenticity.

I also some days back had a lady tell me that smart people pretend to be whatever to stay in the good graces of their community. She told me that although she wasn’t catholic she went on a regular basis to church and took the holy items of those peoples.

Thinking back on what these two ladies told me let me realize that it is definitely not for survival more than for authenticity that there was the greatest cost.

I really feel for people who pretend their lives away. Yes, they are surviving but they never fully become the people they really are. These pretend people never really get to know themselves and their true purpose in life for the sake of deceiving everyone into thinking they are something they are not.

On the other hand people, who stay true to themselves no matter what the price (the Jewish people in the holocaust) they are at least genuine, have their true self.

As for myself, I am a shaman and I am who I am. I will never pretend to be something I am not no matter how unpopular it is in my community to be a shaman and not a catholic. So I suppose I mean to say that I am willing to pay the price of authenticity.

To me, it is a shame that humans have not evolved to the point where true authenticity is allowed in societies.

Many blessings
Shaman Amy
Shaman Metaphysical Store

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Albuquerque Journal

The Albuquerque Journal is doing an article about me being a shaman and also an ordained minister for the Universal Life Church. They have taken pictures of me with some of my ceremonial garb on and of my ongons and some other tools. It will be out on July 27, 2008 in the people section I think they said. Anyway, I hope anyone who gets the paper will enjoy it.

Many blessings

Shaman Amy

Monday, June 30, 2008

Use of Incense and Smudge

Use of Incense and Smudge

Inscense of one kind or another are used in many religious and spiritual pathways. Here is a list of some pathways that use some kind of incense: Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Shinto, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Neopaganism and Shamanism.

For the Buddhisht, Taoist and Shinto, incense is a method of purifying.

For some of the Christians, the smoke of burning incense is viewed by many Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox faith as a prayer of the faithful.

Hinduism was probably the first religion in which incense was used and sacrificed to show loyalty to God.

For Islam, some muslim burn incense for meditation, especially the Sufi sect of Islam.

In Judaism they have the Ketoret which is the incense described in the Bible for use in the Temple.

Neopaganism, incense is also often used in Neopagan rituals because it represents all of the elements. Incense smoke walfs through the air, is created through the use of fire, the incense materials are grown from the earth, and combustable incense is formed using water. Most Neopagans and Wiccans use incense for two basic purposes in modern rituals. First incense is believed to create a magical atmosphere that is apporpriate for the invocation or inviting of deities and spirits often present around the Pagan altar. Second, burning the incense is believed to release the large amount of energy stored within natural incense so that it can be used for magical purposes.

Here are some magical association of incense used by some people.

Frankincense- burned for purification, spirituality and is associated with the Sun. Frankincense is associated with masculine powers.

Myrrh- has simular properties to frankincense, though it is also used for healing and attraction as well. Myrrh is associated with feminine powers.

Copal- most often burned for purification both spiritual cleansing as well as for cleansing physical items. Copal is actually a generic term referring to many different types of resins. Varieties include white, black, and golden.

Dragon's blood- burned for love, strength, and courage and can be used to add potency to any spellwork.

Pine and Cedar- help cleanse space of negative energy.

Sandalwood- Used by Mongolian Shaman before and during ceremonies, before praying and to bless the altar. Normally use three sticks at a time and wave them nine times at the altar.

I use a lot of incense and it runs up quite a bill when you can only purchase a few at a time. That is why we sell bulk amounts for the ones that use it a lot like us.
To look at our incense click the incense link

incense link

Shaman Metaphysical Store

East Mountain Shaman Center

The East Mountain Unitarian Church had worked on our center and biointensive mini-farm and decided they had not done enough. They will be returning to complete the fence for the biointensive mini-farm. We can not thank them enough.

Also, we have cleared away an area near the tree we will be making a Peace tree and we have started to build the oobo for the Mountain Spirits. We look forward to finishing the project. Thanks to all who have helped us with the project.

Many blessings

Shaman Amy

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Using Gray Water from Your Washing Machine

I'm always looking for easy ways to be green. One way I found to use gray water easily from your washing machine only cost $12.00 in parts. The two parts are Bar Fitting and Pipe to Hose fitting. First you fit the Bar Fitting into your hose coming from your washing machine. Sometimes those pipes get a little hard. Just measure the inside and tell your hardware person the measurement. If it is too hard to push the part in just soak the end of the washing machine pipe in boiling hot water for ten minutes and it will be a lot more flexible. Then screw on the Pipe to Hose fitting and fit that to a watering hose and push it out the window or door like I do and water away your trees. I use a green clothes soap that breaks down to a fertilizer and my trees are loving it.

Many blessings

Shaman Amy

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How I lost weight

Many people have asked me how I lost weight and complain they have tried everything and can not lose weight. Well I gained weight after having had a massive stroke many years ago and then I got diagnosed with diebetes. So I was put on a strict diet to control the diebetes. It is not a fun diet but to me it is better than taking insulen shots all the time and worrying about losing my eyesite, or having limbs cut off. So if you follow the diebetic diet you all will probably lose a lot of weight real fast. You only get 45 carbs with each meal which is very small amount. It's 1/2 cup of speghetti, 1/3 cup of rice for a meal, on slice of bread, etc. and then you can only eat 2 ounces of meat, and you can not ever have juice, candy etc. and you can eat all you want of free foods like green beans, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, greens, and of course you lose weight because you don't get to eat very much period. We were taught to measure everything. So I use at every meal little cups to measure my food for only three meals a day.

Many blessings

Shaman Amy

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Psychic Readings

We are doing psychic readings for clients over the phone. We have half hour and fifteen minute readings. Psychic readings done by a shaman have all the benefits of other peoples readings plus the added benefits of the wisdom of all my helper spirits as well. You must email me for an appointment and when I give the okay then you will pay first via the internet and then you will phone back at the appointed time and receive your reading. These readings are very reasonable. $15.00 for fifteen minutes and $30.00 for a half hour. Please click on the link below to order your reading.

Protection Dream Catcher

A protection dream catcher is a special dream catcher that is made with specific beads of specific stones for a specific purpose. These, because right now I'm not somewhere where I can wild craft some willow, are made with a wire hoop as a base, deer sinew, natural red saddle hackles, jet protection beads, and buckskin thong, plus a ceremony for protection and free shipping for the United States of America are also included. To get one of these special dream catchers please go to our shamanic healing link and as soon as you pay we will begin the special dream catcher for you.
Many blessings
Shaman Amy

Shamanic Healing Link

Friday, June 6, 2008

Diversity Homeschool Group New Mexico East Mountains Area

Diversity Homeschool Group

It's never too early for homeschooling parents to think about a group for their children to play and make friends with.

Diversity Homeschool Group is for all people no matter what religion they are. I created this group because I wasn't allowed with my son in other groups because I was not Christian. This group is for any one who homeschool no matter if you are Christian, Pagan, Bhuddhist or any other religion. It is a very simple group where we meet at Los Vientos three times a week and once a month go to a field trip that everyone agrees upon. We don't do holidays, birthdays, pot lucks etc so everyone can feel comfortable.

Contact Amy at 505-832-2242

or click on the website link below

Many blessings

Shaman Amy

Monday, May 26, 2008

Ongon (spirit house) Class

We will be offering a class on Ongons(spirit houses) on June 21, 2008 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM for $25.00 each person. It closes at six people so get your registration done early. It will be at HarmNone Metaphysical store. 700 Central Ave SW Moriarty, NM 87035. phone: 505-832-9250 or you can e-mail Sue at

This class will teach you a little bit about Shamanism, what are ongons and what they can do for you, how to make your altar, how to care for ongons, how to dispose of them when you no longer want them.
Many Blessings,
Shaman Amy

Organic Sustainable Farm and the Shamanic Center

On June 1, 2008 volunteers from the Edgewood Unitarian Universalist Church will be coming to the Shamanic Center, which is also our home and place where we are starting an organic sustainable farm. It's really small but my hope is to show to people that anyone can do it. We are using two wonderful books one is Grow More Vegetables by John Jeavons, and the other is How To Make A Forest Garden by Patrick White. Wonderful books that can help anyone (even disabled people in a wheelchair) become sustainable as much as possible. John Jeavons main concern is the lack of land that people all over the world will have soon and the fact that we have distroyed the top soil over the years instead of building it up. With his techniques you can grow maximum amounts of food in 100 square foot beds. In Patrick Whitefield's book he is concerned also about the small amount of land people will have in the world and about the devistation of the rain forest and other forest. His gardening techniques allow for small gardens, with minimum work, using the nature of forest as the guide to grow food gardens. His dream is that every one will have back yard forest.

I love both of these books because they give us all a way that we can be a solution no matter who we are.

These wonderful people from the Edgewood Unitarian Universalist Church are also going to paint the outside of the Shamanic Center and clean up the place so it will be a presentable place for people to visit.

My dream is to have one of those metal fire pits for fire ceremonies, to somehow have enough materials for my shamanic regalia for public ceremonies, a yurt or a hogan built to have private healing ceremonies in, a small office to have clients visit to purchase ceremonial items.

All of these are done on a small scale of only 3/4 acre of land.

A famous Mongolian Shaman Sarangerel, said that Shaman are suppose to keep the traditions. I on the other hand will forge forward to present a better life for all of us today and a better future for the generation after us.

Many blessings

Shaman Amy

Saturday, May 24, 2008

No More Sacred Trading

In my own culture, people know how to treat a Shaman and respect the spirits. But in the new culture I'm dealing with it is obvious they have no clue. People don't give me the items I need for their ceremonies. Or they have the attitude of, "Oh Great, Let me see if I can find some trash in the trash can to give her. That way I get my ceremony and don't have to spend any money or give her anything of value. Wow! like that I make out big time. Will this is the wrong attitude and I will not tolerate it any longer. From now on all private ceremonies will have a price and it has to be paid for in advance on line. If you send a check you will not hear from me until the check has cleared. If you are poor then look at the public ceremonies and go to one of the free ones that I offer. I can no longer disrespect my spirit helpers.

Many Blessings

Shaman Amy

A Free Solstice Day Sermon and Tree Ceremony

A Solstice Day Sermon at Unitarian Universalist Church Region: Southwest Location: Edgewood Email: Website: Description: June 22, 2008 at 10:30 AM. A shamans perspective on Solstice Day at the Edgewood Unitarian Universalist Church at 4 George Street Edgewood NM 505-281-5963 meetings are held in a yarn shop. Free- just come and learn about Solstice Day for Shamans and other beliefs. Then stay for a tree ceremony by Shaman Amy Frank

For a list of individual ceremonies click on the Shamanic Ceremonies Link

Friday, April 25, 2008

SWEFA Beltane 2008

SWEFA Beltane 2008

I will be at the Beltane 2008 celebration in the Tijeras area of New Mexico. It's a private affair and I am happy to have been invited to go.

What is Beltane?

For the Celts, Beltane marked the beginning of the pastoral summer season when the herds of livestock were driven out to the summer pastures and mountain grazing lands. In modern Irish, Mí na Bealtaine ('month of Bealtaine') is the name for the month of May.

Beltane is a cross-quarter day, marking the midpoint in the Sun's progress between the vernal equinox and summer solstice.

Beltane is celebrated in different manners around the world. It has been customary to light community bonfires and to light a branch to take back to the home to light your own harth. Also, it has been customary to decorate homes etc. with the branches of trees that are at bloom on this day.

However you celebrate the season, I wish you a happy Beltane.

Shaman Amy

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A New Store in Moriarty New Mexico

Harm None Metaphysical Store

We have a new store in Moriarty New Mexico not far from the Shaman Center. The store owner Sue Blekkenk is a wonderful spiritual person. She has an diverse product line that touches on many spiritual pathways. She is also the hub to learn about the various goings on of the various pathways here in the East Mountains area. She has some of our own hand made items in her store as well as other spiritual peoples products. Go into her wonderful store when you're in the East Mountain Area.

Harm None Metaphysical

700 Central Ave SW

Moriarty, NM 87035


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shaman Center

I have been speaking to people of my community and was sad to hear some of the comments they had to say.

People have told me that they had no where to go to speak with people. They felt that all religious and spiritual places wanted either power from them or money or both. They didn't feel there was any real spiritual place where they could go or someone to speak with that just would let them be themselves and provide a sense of community. Some didn't want to go to pagan places because they also felt that they were going to tell them what to do or how they better believe or take up precious time they didn't have or other resources they didn't have.

Because of what I have heard, I am making two new additions to my website. The first is put up in the shamanic healing section of my website free blessings. Please be aware that what is asked for needs to be ballanced. I will not bless for the distruction of Earth or animals, or other people. But I will bless for good health, happeness, peace, ability to get along with others and the environment, to have sustainance, etc. I will bless for good things.

Also, because people have not had anyone to talk to I will start a free - I'm There For You - line. I can not always be available and only during the daylight hours for people in the United States. I still have to take care of my family and so on. Also, I need to pray a lot and meditate, and feed my ongons etc and perform other ceremonies as needed. So be patient and phone back if you need help. Also, I can not stay on the phone for hours. Please use me for fifteen minutes.

The number for the -I'm There For You Line is 505-832-2242.

Also people made comments about not wanting to belong to pagan churches etc. Shamanism is not a church. Sarangerel in her book Riding Windhorses says it best: "Accepting personal responsibility is the tird important asspect of Mongolian shamanist philosophy. This is often expressed in the Buryat expression "tenger medne," which means "Father Heaven knows." The ultimate relationship every person has is with Father Heaven; there are no holy books, no priests, and not even shamans can come between this basic relationship. This means that every person is responsible for his or her own actions, and Tenger (Father Heaven) sees all that is done and is the ultimate judge and shaper of destiny. While shamanism has long been misunderstood as being superstition, it is actually a very sophisticated form of religion. It is very free, and very modern. I say this because each individual, in seeking his or her own relationship with the Sacred, becomes personally responsible for what happens in his or her life, and is required to know his or her own self."

So what is a Shaman and what are they for?

Shaman was an important person in communities. It's hard to understand in our modern American society. Everything in our society is separated and everything is paid for, and the people you get services from are strangers who don't have anything to do with you besides the service they provide for you and the money they get from you.

The Shamanic societies were different. People knew each other and they knew the people they got services from. The Shaman was important in the community for keeping the balance and performing community ceremonies. The Shaman really didn't have to ask a price to have food, shelter, and clothing. The people of the community supported him/her as a very important person in their community that they needed.

Unfortunately, culture is very important for how societies are structured, for whom is important or what is important, etc. In our modern American society it is hard to be a true Shaman. How does one get around the fact that you need to live, to pay morgage, phone bill, food, clothes, etc. and still leave the people the choice to support you?

So I am leaving these services free to help the community. May the spirit people honor what I do and the people who use the services and don't forget to share of your bounty so I may continue to serve my community.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Shamanic Center

It is Spring now and we are busy here getting our shamanic center together. We have the home to finish painting, Leon wants to be an organic farmer and so part of the land will be fenced off for his little enterprise. We are re arranging things to make an area for ceremony. We are planning to take down the squash garden and place there instead a fire pit for fire ceremonies. We are going to make our own kind of yurt to put the food, and items for sale when we have ceremonies. We should have a oboo soon for honoring the mountain spirits. And, well Treva our large ash tree will stay where he is. We are hoping to have a Public Peace Tree ceremony to bring peace and harmony to our community. Check back soon and if your in the area be sure to come to the ceremony. The ceremony will be free and we will post the etiquette for coming to the ceremony.

Many blessings

Reverend Amy

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Essential and Fragrance Oil Burners

Essential and Fragrance Oil Burners

One of the ways to bring good spirits to you or to do certain ceremonies, is to use oil burners. These ceremonial tools are great additions to your alter and can bring your mind into the correct format for healing, protection or just merging with the spirit people. The nice thing about oil burners is that they can be simple or with complex designs. You can choose one that fits your particular pathway. You may just want one that goes nicely with your decor and maybe just for relaxation, or to help you enjoy your bathing time.

Oil burners are easy to use too. Just fill the little saucer with water and add a few drops to the water. Put in the little tea light and light it. The warmth from the small tealight causes the fragrance to infuse the air around it.

Be sure to never leave it unattended and never leave it burning where small children or animals could knock it over, or burn it near flammable stuff like curtains. (Please be fire safe)
Also, not all fragrance oils are skin safe. Make sure the ones you use are skin safe before putting any on your skin. Some fragrance oils are only for use in oil burners. And remember that even with essential oils and skin safe fragrance oils you must always dilute a few drops of the oil in at least an ounce of carrier oil (jojoba oil, etc.)

To look at our oil burners, fragrance oils and tealights please click on the links below

The Importance of Protection

New Age Spirituality

The Importance of Protection

The world has always had negative beings and spirits. That’s just the nature of the Universe. However, now days I think we may be seriously imbalanced and bent more towards the negative than the positive. Anyway, as there are negative beings, spirits and negative energy out there it is very important to protect yourself.

If you have positive spirit beings around you, and or positive power animals, ask them to protect you.
I start off every morning with asking the spirit people to protect me.

Father Heaven, Mother Earth, Spirits of the ancestors, Tenger of the four directions, ongon spirits, nature spirits of the mountains, waters, and forests, spirits of all animals, I honor you and thank you! Please be watching over me, please be protection me. Please be helping me, hurai, hurai, hurai.

I also wear a protection mirror and protection stones and jewelry. Some items reflect negative energy away and some absorb the negative energy into themselves. So I don’t end up absorbing the negative energy into myself.

Also, I do a meditation where I envision a blue light completely covering my whole body like an egg shape or cocoon. Then I envision a net of armor covering the egg. This covering is like a metal screen or kevealar and only good things can come through it. The bad things bounce off and away. I do this meditation also for my family members, my home, my land, and all of our animals.

One has to be aware of people too. Because of the imbalance of the way we live in the modern world, the fast pace, stress, etc. People can without even knowing they are doing it, send out negative energy that can harm others. To make a more positive environment, it is best to shield yourself from the negative energy (the egg covering thing) and then send them back love. To enable yourself to do this just see the person as something that you could never feel hate or anger at. (Maybe a kitten?). Also, people can project their anger at you and say the most hateful words. One friend of mine has a very useful tool to keep herself from absorbing all the hateful messages. She says to herself every time some one says something negative to her, “cancel cancel cancel. You could also say, delete delete delete or what other words that will get this negativity out of your mind three times.

Be aware that you may also send out negative energy. Take care of yourself as much as you can. We live in a society that believes in workaholics and rewards those with positive feed back if they just work all the time. Balance means working sometimes, spending time with family and friends, having fun sometimes, resting sometimes, maybe just setting near some trees and taking in their positive energy. As you work towards balance in your life you will be less likely to send out negative energy.

To create positive change in the world, follow this old saying of a friend of mine. She put on all of her emails: Become the change you want to see.

For example: if you don’t like racism, then don’t start off all of your conversations with this black lady, this white man, this Mexican, etc. See each person as the unique individual that they really are. I start conversations off like this: “I know this wonderful person who makes the loveliest sculptures.” And remember, it’s been scientifically proven that we humans are 99.9 % exactly the same. In fact it has been scientifically proven that no other creature on Earth is more exactly the same than humans.

I think being in balance can mean getting away from the idea that more is better. Or more makes you useful, valuable. Too often I hear people say that someone is good because they have a palace, or they are valuable because they have five PhD, or I can tell that person is spiritual because they have five trucks and expensive clothing.

I truly believe that a person’s value has nothing to do with material gain. Creator created you and that is where your value lies. Nothing else can make you valuable.

Many blessings.
Reverend Amy

For your New Age spiritual supplies click the Shaman Metaphysical Store Link

Friday, February 29, 2008



New Age Weddings

I married a couple today. It was such a wonderful moment for me as a Shaman and a reverend. The couple was so happy as so was the one witness they bought with them. And our whole family was elated. My husband was the second witness.

It is important for me to make weddings a special day for the couples just the way they want it.

The wedding can be as simple or as complex as they want. I also would do weddings for gay and lesbian couples as well but here in New Mexico it is illegal. So because I feel that no one has a right to tell anyone whom they can love, I've made a special deal for gay and lesbian couples. I will do a commitment ceremony for them and when the laws in this state change, I will sign off on their marraige license free. Its the best I can do for the injustice that they have been made to endure.

Many blessings,


Click on the link for Marriage Ceremonies and Commitment Ceremonies

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Free Shipping and the Drop Ship Program for the United States of America

In my tiredless effort to supply as many peoples as possible with spiritual supplies, I have come up with a new program that I am really excited about.

As we have said. We want everyone to "Walk In Beauty" in a manner that works best for them. As a Shaman I am taught that there is no only one pathway to God and spirituality and therefore all pathways must be honored and respected. So I worked out with many of my suppliers to drop ship items from them to you in the United States of America.

This drop ship program makes me able to carry a much wider selection of spiritual and daily living items. Also, to make it more simple, I've made the shipping on all drop shipped items free.

Come back often as we continue as often as possible to add more new and exciting items.

So far we have added copper bracelets, New Age clothing, eco- friendly bamboo clothing, some semi precious stone jewelry, and will very soon add, palm fiber sandals, New Age purses, boxes made from art glass, soap stone, tin, and we will be expanding some of the items we used to have by adding new items like mirrors, pendulums, singing bowls.

We hope you all will like the changes we have made.

Many blessings

and keep walking in beauty


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New Age Clothing

New Age Clothing
Eco-Friendly Clothing
Sustainable Living Clothing

As a Shaman, I’m always on the look out for Eco- Friendly and sustainable clothing. I found some clothing that was wonderful and made from bamboo fabric. Just take a look at all the benefits.

Our bamboo fiber is imported from India and certified by Fibrethik, a non profit cooperative from Canada.

Respecterre is a unique line of bamboo fabric clothing, Our bamboo fiber is imported from India. In a world where globalization is a concern, we are offering a product totally made in North America, for Eco-Conscious Consumers. (Made in Canada)

About Bamboo Fabric

Sustainable: Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, it does not require chemical fertilizers or pesticides to grow. It grows on every continent except Europe. It tolerates extremes wetness or dryness, and generates more oxygen than trees. It is 100% bio- degradable.

Healthy: Bamboo Fabric is naturally anti-bacterial, even after several washings, it is breathable and does not retain odors, naturally hypoallergenic.

Comfort; Bamboo fabric has insulating properties; will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Bamboo is highly water absorbent, able to take up three times its weight in water. In bamboo fabric, this translates to an excellent wicking ability that will pull moisture away from the skin so that it can evaporate. For this reason, clothing made of bamboo fiber is often worn next to the skin. But most important of all it is extremely comfortable.

Fabric Care: Machine washable.

This clothing is so wonderful that I had to put it in our New Age, Shaman Metaphysical Store so all can enjoy wearing eco- friendly clothing.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cloth Menstrual Pads Pattern

Sustainable Living Product
New Age Cloth Menstrual Pads Pattern

I have made these pads myself and I’m so glad I did. They are so comfortable and I was afraid I would smell with these but found out that the throw away pads were the ones that made me smell. I found I used less than I did with the throw aways and had far less leakage problems. Also they were easy to make and I like to use left over flannels or flannel sheet tops. My only regret is that I hadn’t started wearing these sooner.

Kristin's Cloth Pads PatternCloth menstrual pads make sense for so many reasons: environmental, health, financial, etc. And organic pads are even better! This pattern is easy-to-use, designed by a work-at-home mom who has been making cloth pads for more than eight years; it includes directions for five sizes/absorbencies (pantyliner, mini-pad, regular, maxi, and post-partum pad). There's also bonus directions for making baby wipes and bathroom washies
As Kristin, who designed this pattern, says: "Landfill and pollution problems are on the rise and continue to be a world wide concern. In 1998, 7 billion tampons and 13 billion sanitary pads and their packaging made their way into landfills and sewage systems in the USA alone! The chemicals and other ingredients in pads and tampons can cause reactions in women that range from mild to extreme, including toxic shock syndrome. Many women suffer through the use of these products month after month, not realizing there are natural alternatives, but there is a better way! Natural alternatives in feminine care are better for the environment, less expensive, and better for you!"
It's purely unscientific, but we've heard many times that switching from disposables to cloth reduces chafing and can even reduce both the length of and the unpleasant physical symptoms of menstruation.
The pattern recommends heavy flannel, and calls for snaps as the closure method. One yard of 60" wide flannel should make your choice of 9 pantyliners or 5 minipads with 5 inserts; two yards should make 6 regular holders with 7 inserts,5 maxi holders with 7 inserts, or 4 postpartum holders with 7 inserts. Instructions are included for an optional leak-resistant insert using PUL; we've never found them necessary, but it's always good to have the option. You can make these pads using a regular sewing machine with straight and zigzag stitches.

Cloth Pad FAQ
How many cloth pads do I need?
There's no set answer to this, but the general recommendation is 12 pads -- more if you have a very heavy cycle, and fewer if you will wash them every day. Make the amount you think you'll need, and use them for a period or two, to see if you've made enough. If not, it's easy to make more!
How do you use cloth pads?
It's easy-peasy! No need for any of the scary contraptions you may have heard or read about -- just put the insert inside the holder as directed on the pattern, lay the pad opening-side down against the crotch of your panties (so the smooth, seamless side is up), and snap the wings around your panties. Voila! For extra protection at night, when your flow is extra-heavy, or when you're post-partum, consider using two inserts. Just fold the second and insert it atop the first. It's recommended that you change the pads about as frequently as you would disposables; pay close attention during the first cycle or two to get a "feel" for how frequently you'll need to change them.
How do you care for cotton pads?
Always wash the pads prior to use, and always separate the inserts from the holders before washing so they're thoroughly cleaned. There are two general recommendations for washing: you can soak your pads in cold water (changing the soak water daily) until you're ready to wash, or you can rinse them until the water flows clear, and then wash them when you're ready. Wash as you would a flannel shirt. (A third option, not manufacturer-recommended but definitely field-tested, is to simply throw the pads in with your cloth diapers/any particularly gicky wash load and wash thoroughly. The results may not be as stain-free as doing it "properly", but it's a lot quicker and easier! This works best with a good washing machine.) Do not use bleach, fabric softener, or dryer sheets, as they can reduce both lifespan and absorbency.
How long will the pads last?
Your pads should last as long as any flannel shirt that you wear, wash, and dry, a couple of times each month.
Cloth Menstrual Pad Pattern Link

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Prosperity Voodoo Doll, Ongon, Spirit Doll

The New Age Prosperity Voodoo Doll, Ongon, Spirit Doll

What is Prosperity? defines prosperity as a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, esp. in financial respects; good fortune.

However, from dealing with many people over the years, what is successful is different for each person. Because I am a shaman I know the importance of balance. Because of this not all peoples idea of prosperity is healthy to me. One needs to consider the rest of creation and not only themselves. I have spoken with people who think they should have total money and total control and all others should have nothing.

This is not prosperity to me.

To me prosperity is having enough healthy food to sustain a healthy body. Prosperity is having at least a few good friends to share your life with in a positive manner. Prosperity is getting along with at least some of your family. Prosperity is having at least a clean home with no infestations. Prosperity is having some decent clothing not all torn up and enough sets that you can keep clean. Prosperity is having heat so you don't freeze to death and in extreamely hot places air conditioning so you don't die from heat exhausion. Prosperity means having something worthy to do to contribute to your community. Prosperity means being respected as a valued creation of the Creator.

Keeping all this in mind understand that this is what the prosperity voodoo doll, ongon, spirit doll is embued with.

Our prosperity voodoo doll, ongon, spirit doll is painted green to attract financial prosperity. It also has a sunstone stuffed inside it to bring abundance and leadership. We also place inside sage and cedar to further send away negativity to open the door to prosperity. Also, just before we ship it out it is embued with a proserity spirit. Also, there is encluded insturctions on how to care for your voodoo doll, ongon, spirit doll and what to do if you no longer want it.

Monday, February 11, 2008

New Age Voodoo Dolls, Ongons, and Spirit Dolls

VooDoo Doll, Ongons, and Spirit Dolls
The definition of Voodoo in Wikipedia is as follows: "Voodoo is a religious tradition originating in West Africa, which became prominent in the New World due to the importation of African slaves. West African Vodun is the original form of the religion: Haitian Vodou and Louisiana Voodoo are its descendants in the New World."

I don't know much about Voodoo but from my readings, people who practice Voodoo believe in a divine Creator and many other spirit people whom have particular attributes. It appears to me that Voodoo priest and priestesses are able to bring spirits essence into objects and dolls. That is as far as my comprehension goes.

Why speaking about Voodoo dolls? I make something similar but the most common understood name coming closest to what I do is Voodoo doll.

Ongons are objects or dolls that become like a house for spirits. An ongon is a symbolic dwelling or sitting place for spirits. It can be simple or complex. It can be a stone, leather or doll like, or anything. It too is embued with a spirit that is needed.

I like to call the spirit dwelling places I make, "Spirit Dolls, " because I embue them with spirits depending on what the need is. My "Spirit Dolls", Ongons or Voodoo dolls, (whatever term you want to use) must be treated with respect.They must be placed on an altar where they will not be disrespected. Never place your alter in a disrespectful place like the bathroom. Try to place your alter where there is not a lot of traffic and out of the way from children or animals that can disrespect the Voodoo doll, Ongon, Spirit Doll. The Voodoo Doll, Ongon, Spirit Doll needs to be feed. I like to feed mine often with butter, milk or tea. Also, to wave three sticks of incense at at time nine times is also very good (sandalwood is best). I also leave a plate of food for them. Whatever I have thats good. I leave chocolate bars, sunflower seeds, cup of tea, beef jerky, fruits and vegetables. Make sure to remove the food before they spoil and eat them in an honerable manner. And whenever something positive happens, be sure to add a decoration to the Voodoo Doll, Ongon, Sprit Dolls. I made a necklace for mine and place a gemstone bead everytime something good happens.

If you no longer want to work with your Voodoo Doll, Ongon or Spirit Doll, please dispose of it in the proper manner. You must either burn it respectfully or discard it in a place out in nature away from people. Simply throwing a Voodoo Doll, Ongon, Spirit Doll away is an insult to the spirit and you may suffer illness or bad luck as a result of its anger.

We make Voodoo Dolls, Ongon, or Spirit Dolls. However, nothing I make will ever be made to cause harm or imballance in the World. If you want something to harm someone then you've come to the wrong site. There is enough negativity in the World already. I will only add that which is possitive.VooDoo Doll Link

Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Age Sustainable Living

New Age – Sustainable Living

Wikipedia states that sustainable living is a lifestyle that could, hypothetically, be sustained without exhausting any natural resources. The term can be applied to individuals or societies. Its adherents most often hold true sustainability as a goal or guide, and make lifestyle tradeoffs favoring sustainability.

And Wikipedia states that Sustainability is a characteristic of a process or state that can be maintained at a certain level indefinitely.

As a shaman, the Earth, nature and all of its creatures are important and also are our teachers. This leads me to do my best at living a sustainable life. Because of this I eat organic food knowing the farming techniques are gentler and kinder to the Earth. Also, organic meat is kinder to the animals, the Earth, and our own bodies. Just read the February/ March 2008 issue page 74 of the Mother Earth News magazine to learn how the industrial meat industry is so cruel to animals and leave us with less nutrious food with dangerous residues.

I also either wear used clothing so that I am re-using or buy organic fabric or make my own clothes from fiber I grow myself, naturally dye myself, and naturally spin myself.

I also try to live simpler. I got a chance to live with a middle class Egyptian family for a number of years and was impressed at how they could live happily with only a tenth of the mater5ial goods that a typical American middle class family would live with. While I’m a long ways off from the simplicity of my days of living in Egypt, I’m better at being simple than I was a few years ago. I got rid of a lot of extra electrical run items (rice cooker, electric coffee maker, electric foot bath, etc.)

I think the most important thing is to know how important sustainable living is and to set up your won goals and work towards them the best you can. I truly believe every little bit helps. And I believe every effort adds to ones personal spiritual power.

As always, as everyone has their won spiritual connection to the divine, allow the effort to come from within yourself and not from outside pressure. No one can tell you how best to become sustainable, its something you decide for yourself.

Take a look at our sustainable section of our website. Sustainable Link

New Age Sustainable Product - The Ayate wash cloth

The Ayate wash cloth is a wonderful Sustainable product. As a Shaman living a shamanic lifestyle as much as possible, I find these sustainable and fair trade ayote cloths to be a wonderful addition to my life.

Ayate wash cloth products are a fiber woven cloth that comes from the Maguey (agave salminae). The ayate is a productive fiber has been used in the "Valle Del Mazquital" located in the central part of Mexico where more than four hundred thousand people live. Ayate has been known for its durability, natural origins and usefulness to natives, but slowly the Ayate products are turning into an international sensation. Today, ayate is used as an all-safe mildew resistant body exfoliator, designed to last up to about a year with normal use and becoming an alternative to using wash cloths and loopahs. Maguey is predominately used in Mexico as a resource that provides natives over 100 different products of which include clothing, food, medicine, firewood, furniture, and soap. The importance of the Maguey has prevailed through time and has become a dominant source of income for these natives. Once the Maguey is at a mature state, which can take up to ten years, the ayate fiber then can be extracted along with other resources the Maguey is used for. The process of making Ayate is extravagant, labor-intensive and can take up to two to four days to complete. But because of the high demand for the resources that lay within the Maguey, it leaves little time for growth and ability to cultivate these plants.

To see our own collection of Ayate products please click on the Ayate link- AYATE LINK

Friday, January 18, 2008

New Age Earth Shaman

What is an Earth Shaman?

I call myself an Earth Shaman and I use the term Shaman because I don’t know what other word to use that would enable the average person to comprehend at all what I do as a spiritual person. I use the word Earth because this spiritual pathway has nothing to do what so ever with any Native American pathways or any other cultural pathway. Also, I believe everyone can agree that I do come from this Earth.

This pathway also has nothing to do with the Siberian peoples except that I took their name they call their spiritual people whom do the ceremonies for their communities. And as I said before, I use the term for lack of a better one to use.

While doing research I came across some research that stated that we humans are more alike than any other creatures on Earth. They stated that we were 99.9% the same. That really made an impression on me. I believe there is room for a spiritual Earth based pathway for humans.

Native American pathways are only for the particular Native American Nation. For example: the Lakota pathway is only for Lakota and I had read from some Lakota that their pathway and ceremonies are only for the pure 100% Lakota and it is the same for Navajo, Hochunk, etc. The same for all the other Earth based pathways of other cultures as far as I know. For example the Scandinavian pathway is only for Scandinavian, the Irish Earth pathway is only for Irish, etc.

Here is a short passage from Chief Arvol Looking Horse

July 7, 2003

Unity of Indigenous Nations'

Protection of Ceremonial Ways of Life

I have asked the non-Indigenous Nations to please understand our need to protect and maintain our sacred 'way of life' and not to conduct our Sacred Ceremonies. This request still allows the non-indigenous people to 'attend' and support our ceremonies by taking part in healing ceremonies, and to offer prayers for their families in our sacred inipi (sweat lodges), to support our First Nations that hemblec'ia (vision quest) and Win Wang wac'ipi (Sundance). This participation also depends on the person that is sponsoring these ceremonies, as some do not allow this.

For more on Chief Arvol Looking Horse please go to

So what happens to all those people who are of mixed heritage? Does this mean that only pure people have a right to spirituality? Or, if you are not pure of one race this means that your only choice is Christianity?

I don’t think so. I truly believe that spirit helpers can come to others that are not pure one race. I know Sarangerel a Mongolian shamanist believed that other people could be shaman and have helper spirits come to them. She wrote in her book Chosen by the Spirits, “Due to Soviet oppression, most of these continuous lines of succession have been interrupted, and shamanic spirits call those who seem to them best suited to becoming shamans, regardless of their heritage.” One needs to read her entire book to understand that she believed that shamanic spirits were of different heritages and that even a person could have helper spirits of different heritages. For example, a shaman could have spirit helpers that were Mongolian, Navajo, and some other heritage all at the same time.

I know that some people say that no one can call themselves a Shaman. But the spirit people already choose the people they want from birth. The spirit people initiate the Shaman and so they know they are Shaman. It’s just that the called person has to except the calling. I even remember reading a book on Frank Fools Crow where he mentioned he knew he was a Medicine Man. I think a person has to know they are spiritually called because it would be very difficult to do all that is necessary to learn and develop if you didn’t know. It takes a lot of effort and work on a daily basis. It is a way of life. It is not like going to Church on Sunday and you do what you want the rest of the time. It is a very serious commitment to self, spirits and the community.

With that said, I will do my best with the aid of my spirit helpers to be a positive force in my community. I will do all I can to honor the spirits so there will be balance in the World.

Reverend Amy Frank

Shaman Metaphysical Store

Monday, January 14, 2008

New Age

The New Age Approach to Shamanism Pathway

Shamanism is a living pathway ; a way of living ones life. There are three things very imprtant to live ones life in a shamanistic way.
1. maintain balance in the World,
2. reverence for the Earth and living things,
3. personal responsibility.

In shamanism the world is alive and worthy of respect. This belief leads to an understanding of living in balance with everything else and honoring the ari, water, and land. There are spirits and souls in everything and in every place. All animals and plants have souls. Because of these beliefs we live a life that minimizes negative impact on Earth.

Living a life "being in balance," means acting in moderation and considering how ones actions affects others. One's own personal power is directly related to one's positive and negative actions and as long as positive and negative are in balance with earch other one can live in health, peace and safety. Reverance for the envrionment is very impoetant. The Earth provides us our home and also home for all the other creatures and plants. We and all the other creatures and plants depend on the air and water for our survival. The rocks, trees, animals and waters are all alive and should be treated with respect. Each person has their won responsibility. Each person has their won direct connection to the sacred. Not even a shaman can come between this realationship. Every person is responsible for his or her own actions.

Some other things a person striving to walk a shamanic pathway is respection elders, being hospitable, cooperation with their community, and having honor.

For items to help you on your shamanic and New Age pathway click the link to Shaman Metaphysical Store

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Age and Pan-Indianism

The Pan American Movement and the New Age

Pan- Indianism came about as way of giving back to young Indian people their identity that had been crushed under the dominate culture. Pan-Indianism was a non-violent philosophy that involved the process of synthesizing the collective spiritual reality and Traditional wisdom of more than one Native American Nation. A good example of this is the Sun Dance that came from the Lakota, Nakota and Dakota Nations. It became Pan- Indian because peoples from other Native Nations were becoming Sun Dancers and participating in the Sun Dance. Pan – Indianism tends to be Traditional and non-Christian but is open to all peoples.

The post-industrial, Pan-Indian Movement came about in 1977 when the Haudenosaunee, and Indians from North and South America, presented their Great Law of Peace to the United Nations, with a warning that Western civilization, through the process of colonialism, was destroying the earth’s ability to renew herself. The recommended the development of liberation technologies which would be anti-colonial, or self-sustaining, and the development of liberation theologies. A liberation theology will develop in people a consciousness that all life on the earth is sacred and threat the sacredness of life is the key to human freedom and survival (Akwesasne Notes 1978: basic call to consciousness).

In 1978, Indians walked from San Francisco to Washington, D.C., this walk is called The Longest walk. This was when the Native American Freedom of Religion act was passed. During this walk many native peoples learned wisdom from the elders. Spiritual leaders worked out ceremonies that did not conflict with any one Indian Nations’ spiritual beliefs. This commonality is the foundation for modern Pan-Indianism.

Because the Lakota had no restrictions on sharing their spiritual beliefs and had prophecy that when the Lakota share their spiritual ways, Indians will get their Treaties honored, the Lakota were eager to share their sweat lodge. One of the Lakota spiritual leaders had a vision that the colors black, red, yellow and white, their sacred colors, stood for the four races. This became the belief of choice for Pan-Indianism.

On the Longest Walk were some Buddhist priests. Dennis established a close friendship with the leader of these monks, and it was this old man who first sounded a call for a New Age. This was in a conversation between this Buddhist elder and Dennis which was published in a book called Buddhism and World Peace.

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Compensating Shamans

Compensating Shamans

People have heard that spiritual people should not be compensated, especially medicine men and Shamans. This is not true. Native peoples all over the world have always compensated the Shaman and medicine people of their communities. Before going to a Lakota medicine man it is customary to bring a bundle to him. You bring sage, sweet grass, tobacco etc. bundled in a blanket or quilt and offer it to him stating you come to him in a good manner. Also, people give some money too. If you go to a sweat, it is customary to bring food for the ceremony and again all the materials the head of the sweat needs to run the sweat. Wood, or money to help out, materials for tobacco ties, etc to help with the running of the sweat. And after a ceremony is done it is customary to offer additional gifts to the one who ran the ceremony such as you feel is right. Also, a year after a ceremony to have a giveaway to thank the spirit people for helping you. It is believed that if you do not do the giveaway then you will have the anger of the spirit people who helped you. The Navajo also get paid for doing ceremonies. In the past it was sheep, goats, rugs, turquoise, etc. Now it is money that we give for ceremonies.

Even the Shaman of Mongolia were compensated.
the community that the shaman served would tend to the shaman’s herds (reindeer, horses, etc). On top of this, when they needed spiritual help such as blessings, hunting magic, healings, etc., they paid the shaman. Currency was usually in the form of hides, meat, bricks of tea, and eagle feathers.
The money and gifts etc are for the spirit people. They did not charge like doctors or store merchants in the past or set prices. This would make it were people who were of lesser means would not be able to have ceremonies done. Shaman and medicine people are for the communities. However, life has changed in the United States and even in the rest of the world. People now work jobs and live in apartments in large cities. In Mongolia The tradition has evolved into gifting the shaman 3 things. One would be to supply the shaman with all the things he needed for the ceremony. This would include bottles of vodka to make arshaan out of as well as smudge material, travel expenses, etc. The second would be khadags (ceremonial scarves) for him to honour the spirits of his equipment with, the third would be a gift according to what the person could afford. Once again, the payment is to honour the spirits and not the shaman himself.

Because the average person now days does not understand the old traditions of compensating the Shaman I am going to have a minimum payment for me to gather the items I need to do ceremonies. Then I will have another area where you can place other compensation according to your means. In this manner I feel I will keep to the spirit of what the spirit people expect of me. Shaman Metaphysical Store