Friday, September 12, 2008

Wild Shaman

I had to address this because I don't think people are really knowing me. That is the problem of making assessments based on electronical equipment. We don't really see the people in their day to day life and so we don't really know how they live by just receiving an email or occasional phone call.

I found it funny that anyone could think I was wild. Most people that know me think I'm boring. When I was a teen ager my parents were mad at me because I liked foriegn customes. When I was a teen ager I wanted to make a museum of folk customes. If I found someone with an interesting custome in the mall I'd walk up to them and say. "Oh, I just love what you're wearing." "Where are you from." "What is that custome called". And I'd be having them in public trying to teach me how you wear the thing. These are the wild things I did as a teen ager along with ice skating, horseback riding, growing trees, painting, knitting, crochet, embroidering, reading, yoga, ballet, writing, building a trimaran boat with my father, and helping out my family in the family business. You can tell I was just a very problem child for my parents.

I've never liked alchohol or drugs. I got high once in my life on alchohol, thought it was stupid and never touched a drop ever again. When I want to Partie, it means we sit together with a small group of people quietly and eat what I consider a nice meal and have desert and talk. A good meal is like a pizza, chicken, meat loaf with if I'm really going to go all out( apple juice, ice cream, and maybe chocolate cake).

The crazy insane things I like to do are beading, painting, biointensive farming, make dolls, sew clothes, spin fiber into yarn, crochet and knit clothing, quilt,read books, just plain ol try to keep up on my mobile mantanince.

I go to really wild places like Wild West Nature Park, the natural history museum, libraries(oh i just love libraries) the zoo, parks with my son and husband.

I love people and love the Earth we live on and all the creatures we share this world with. My spirituallity has always been important to me and takes up a considerable amount of my time. I hope this little letter about what I like to do helps people to better understand the kind of person I am. I don't really know what wild means but this is me.

Many blessings
Shaman Amy