Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shaman Center

I have been speaking to people of my community and was sad to hear some of the comments they had to say.

People have told me that they had no where to go to speak with people. They felt that all religious and spiritual places wanted either power from them or money or both. They didn't feel there was any real spiritual place where they could go or someone to speak with that just would let them be themselves and provide a sense of community. Some didn't want to go to pagan places because they also felt that they were going to tell them what to do or how they better believe or take up precious time they didn't have or other resources they didn't have.

Because of what I have heard, I am making two new additions to my website. The first is put up in the shamanic healing section of my website free blessings. Please be aware that what is asked for needs to be ballanced. I will not bless for the distruction of Earth or animals, or other people. But I will bless for good health, happeness, peace, ability to get along with others and the environment, to have sustainance, etc. I will bless for good things.

Also, because people have not had anyone to talk to I will start a free - I'm There For You - line. I can not always be available and only during the daylight hours for people in the United States. I still have to take care of my family and so on. Also, I need to pray a lot and meditate, and feed my ongons etc and perform other ceremonies as needed. So be patient and phone back if you need help. Also, I can not stay on the phone for hours. Please use me for fifteen minutes.

The number for the -I'm There For You Line is 505-832-2242.

Also people made comments about not wanting to belong to pagan churches etc. Shamanism is not a church. Sarangerel in her book Riding Windhorses says it best: "Accepting personal responsibility is the tird important asspect of Mongolian shamanist philosophy. This is often expressed in the Buryat expression "tenger medne," which means "Father Heaven knows." The ultimate relationship every person has is with Father Heaven; there are no holy books, no priests, and not even shamans can come between this basic relationship. This means that every person is responsible for his or her own actions, and Tenger (Father Heaven) sees all that is done and is the ultimate judge and shaper of destiny. While shamanism has long been misunderstood as being superstition, it is actually a very sophisticated form of religion. It is very free, and very modern. I say this because each individual, in seeking his or her own relationship with the Sacred, becomes personally responsible for what happens in his or her life, and is required to know his or her own self."

So what is a Shaman and what are they for?

Shaman was an important person in communities. It's hard to understand in our modern American society. Everything in our society is separated and everything is paid for, and the people you get services from are strangers who don't have anything to do with you besides the service they provide for you and the money they get from you.

The Shamanic societies were different. People knew each other and they knew the people they got services from. The Shaman was important in the community for keeping the balance and performing community ceremonies. The Shaman really didn't have to ask a price to have food, shelter, and clothing. The people of the community supported him/her as a very important person in their community that they needed.

Unfortunately, culture is very important for how societies are structured, for whom is important or what is important, etc. In our modern American society it is hard to be a true Shaman. How does one get around the fact that you need to live, to pay morgage, phone bill, food, clothes, etc. and still leave the people the choice to support you?

So I am leaving these services free to help the community. May the spirit people honor what I do and the people who use the services and don't forget to share of your bounty so I may continue to serve my community.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Shamanic Center

It is Spring now and we are busy here getting our shamanic center together. We have the home to finish painting, Leon wants to be an organic farmer and so part of the land will be fenced off for his little enterprise. We are re arranging things to make an area for ceremony. We are planning to take down the squash garden and place there instead a fire pit for fire ceremonies. We are going to make our own kind of yurt to put the food, and items for sale when we have ceremonies. We should have a oboo soon for honoring the mountain spirits. And, well Treva our large ash tree will stay where he is. We are hoping to have a Public Peace Tree ceremony to bring peace and harmony to our community. Check back soon and if your in the area be sure to come to the ceremony. The ceremony will be free and we will post the etiquette for coming to the ceremony.

Many blessings

Reverend Amy

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Essential and Fragrance Oil Burners

Essential and Fragrance Oil Burners

One of the ways to bring good spirits to you or to do certain ceremonies, is to use oil burners. These ceremonial tools are great additions to your alter and can bring your mind into the correct format for healing, protection or just merging with the spirit people. The nice thing about oil burners is that they can be simple or with complex designs. You can choose one that fits your particular pathway. You may just want one that goes nicely with your decor and maybe just for relaxation, or to help you enjoy your bathing time.

Oil burners are easy to use too. Just fill the little saucer with water and add a few drops to the water. Put in the little tea light and light it. The warmth from the small tealight causes the fragrance to infuse the air around it.

Be sure to never leave it unattended and never leave it burning where small children or animals could knock it over, or burn it near flammable stuff like curtains. (Please be fire safe)
Also, not all fragrance oils are skin safe. Make sure the ones you use are skin safe before putting any on your skin. Some fragrance oils are only for use in oil burners. And remember that even with essential oils and skin safe fragrance oils you must always dilute a few drops of the oil in at least an ounce of carrier oil (jojoba oil, etc.)

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The Importance of Protection

New Age Spirituality

The Importance of Protection

The world has always had negative beings and spirits. That’s just the nature of the Universe. However, now days I think we may be seriously imbalanced and bent more towards the negative than the positive. Anyway, as there are negative beings, spirits and negative energy out there it is very important to protect yourself.

If you have positive spirit beings around you, and or positive power animals, ask them to protect you.
I start off every morning with asking the spirit people to protect me.

Father Heaven, Mother Earth, Spirits of the ancestors, Tenger of the four directions, ongon spirits, nature spirits of the mountains, waters, and forests, spirits of all animals, I honor you and thank you! Please be watching over me, please be protection me. Please be helping me, hurai, hurai, hurai.

I also wear a protection mirror and protection stones and jewelry. Some items reflect negative energy away and some absorb the negative energy into themselves. So I don’t end up absorbing the negative energy into myself.

Also, I do a meditation where I envision a blue light completely covering my whole body like an egg shape or cocoon. Then I envision a net of armor covering the egg. This covering is like a metal screen or kevealar and only good things can come through it. The bad things bounce off and away. I do this meditation also for my family members, my home, my land, and all of our animals.

One has to be aware of people too. Because of the imbalance of the way we live in the modern world, the fast pace, stress, etc. People can without even knowing they are doing it, send out negative energy that can harm others. To make a more positive environment, it is best to shield yourself from the negative energy (the egg covering thing) and then send them back love. To enable yourself to do this just see the person as something that you could never feel hate or anger at. (Maybe a kitten?). Also, people can project their anger at you and say the most hateful words. One friend of mine has a very useful tool to keep herself from absorbing all the hateful messages. She says to herself every time some one says something negative to her, “cancel cancel cancel. You could also say, delete delete delete or what other words that will get this negativity out of your mind three times.

Be aware that you may also send out negative energy. Take care of yourself as much as you can. We live in a society that believes in workaholics and rewards those with positive feed back if they just work all the time. Balance means working sometimes, spending time with family and friends, having fun sometimes, resting sometimes, maybe just setting near some trees and taking in their positive energy. As you work towards balance in your life you will be less likely to send out negative energy.

To create positive change in the world, follow this old saying of a friend of mine. She put on all of her emails: Become the change you want to see.

For example: if you don’t like racism, then don’t start off all of your conversations with this black lady, this white man, this Mexican, etc. See each person as the unique individual that they really are. I start conversations off like this: “I know this wonderful person who makes the loveliest sculptures.” And remember, it’s been scientifically proven that we humans are 99.9 % exactly the same. In fact it has been scientifically proven that no other creature on Earth is more exactly the same than humans.

I think being in balance can mean getting away from the idea that more is better. Or more makes you useful, valuable. Too often I hear people say that someone is good because they have a palace, or they are valuable because they have five PhD, or I can tell that person is spiritual because they have five trucks and expensive clothing.

I truly believe that a person’s value has nothing to do with material gain. Creator created you and that is where your value lies. Nothing else can make you valuable.

Many blessings.
Reverend Amy

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