Sunday, March 2, 2008

Essential and Fragrance Oil Burners

Essential and Fragrance Oil Burners

One of the ways to bring good spirits to you or to do certain ceremonies, is to use oil burners. These ceremonial tools are great additions to your alter and can bring your mind into the correct format for healing, protection or just merging with the spirit people. The nice thing about oil burners is that they can be simple or with complex designs. You can choose one that fits your particular pathway. You may just want one that goes nicely with your decor and maybe just for relaxation, or to help you enjoy your bathing time.

Oil burners are easy to use too. Just fill the little saucer with water and add a few drops to the water. Put in the little tea light and light it. The warmth from the small tealight causes the fragrance to infuse the air around it.

Be sure to never leave it unattended and never leave it burning where small children or animals could knock it over, or burn it near flammable stuff like curtains. (Please be fire safe)
Also, not all fragrance oils are skin safe. Make sure the ones you use are skin safe before putting any on your skin. Some fragrance oils are only for use in oil burners. And remember that even with essential oils and skin safe fragrance oils you must always dilute a few drops of the oil in at least an ounce of carrier oil (jojoba oil, etc.)

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