Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Shamanic Center

The Shamanic Center,

Well, we got a little bit done on our little center. We got one large compost pile completed and it is really good compost. We got our sheep sheared and some of his fiber washed. We will card it later and spin it. Hope to make a pair of ceremonial felted boots from the fiber. We completed the mountain shrine but still need to do ceremony for it. We at least have the fence up in the bio-intensive farm area and started clearing away a two hundred foot area in hopes of growing something there. Hope to get a small 5o foot mini- green house built for our winter food. We have started the 40 foot compost pile. This should make enough compost for the entire small mini-farm next season. We are still working on the fire pit site.

We have been working on our etsy store mostly and have some of our hand made items on it and very reasonably priced shamanic consultation, and tarot card readings at

Well, this is all we have for update.

Many blessings Shaman Amy

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