Monday, January 14, 2008

New Age

The New Age Approach to Shamanism Pathway

Shamanism is a living pathway ; a way of living ones life. There are three things very imprtant to live ones life in a shamanistic way.
1. maintain balance in the World,
2. reverence for the Earth and living things,
3. personal responsibility.

In shamanism the world is alive and worthy of respect. This belief leads to an understanding of living in balance with everything else and honoring the ari, water, and land. There are spirits and souls in everything and in every place. All animals and plants have souls. Because of these beliefs we live a life that minimizes negative impact on Earth.

Living a life "being in balance," means acting in moderation and considering how ones actions affects others. One's own personal power is directly related to one's positive and negative actions and as long as positive and negative are in balance with earch other one can live in health, peace and safety. Reverance for the envrionment is very impoetant. The Earth provides us our home and also home for all the other creatures and plants. We and all the other creatures and plants depend on the air and water for our survival. The rocks, trees, animals and waters are all alive and should be treated with respect. Each person has their won responsibility. Each person has their won direct connection to the sacred. Not even a shaman can come between this realationship. Every person is responsible for his or her own actions.

Some other things a person striving to walk a shamanic pathway is respection elders, being hospitable, cooperation with their community, and having honor.

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