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New Age Earth Shaman

What is an Earth Shaman?

I call myself an Earth Shaman and I use the term Shaman because I don’t know what other word to use that would enable the average person to comprehend at all what I do as a spiritual person. I use the word Earth because this spiritual pathway has nothing to do what so ever with any Native American pathways or any other cultural pathway. Also, I believe everyone can agree that I do come from this Earth.

This pathway also has nothing to do with the Siberian peoples except that I took their name they call their spiritual people whom do the ceremonies for their communities. And as I said before, I use the term for lack of a better one to use.

While doing research I came across some research that stated that we humans are more alike than any other creatures on Earth. They stated that we were 99.9% the same. That really made an impression on me. I believe there is room for a spiritual Earth based pathway for humans.

Native American pathways are only for the particular Native American Nation. For example: the Lakota pathway is only for Lakota and I had read from some Lakota that their pathway and ceremonies are only for the pure 100% Lakota and it is the same for Navajo, Hochunk, etc. The same for all the other Earth based pathways of other cultures as far as I know. For example the Scandinavian pathway is only for Scandinavian, the Irish Earth pathway is only for Irish, etc.

Here is a short passage from Chief Arvol Looking Horse

July 7, 2003

Unity of Indigenous Nations'

Protection of Ceremonial Ways of Life

I have asked the non-Indigenous Nations to please understand our need to protect and maintain our sacred 'way of life' and not to conduct our Sacred Ceremonies. This request still allows the non-indigenous people to 'attend' and support our ceremonies by taking part in healing ceremonies, and to offer prayers for their families in our sacred inipi (sweat lodges), to support our First Nations that hemblec'ia (vision quest) and Win Wang wac'ipi (Sundance). This participation also depends on the person that is sponsoring these ceremonies, as some do not allow this.

For more on Chief Arvol Looking Horse please go to

So what happens to all those people who are of mixed heritage? Does this mean that only pure people have a right to spirituality? Or, if you are not pure of one race this means that your only choice is Christianity?

I don’t think so. I truly believe that spirit helpers can come to others that are not pure one race. I know Sarangerel a Mongolian shamanist believed that other people could be shaman and have helper spirits come to them. She wrote in her book Chosen by the Spirits, “Due to Soviet oppression, most of these continuous lines of succession have been interrupted, and shamanic spirits call those who seem to them best suited to becoming shamans, regardless of their heritage.” One needs to read her entire book to understand that she believed that shamanic spirits were of different heritages and that even a person could have helper spirits of different heritages. For example, a shaman could have spirit helpers that were Mongolian, Navajo, and some other heritage all at the same time.

I know that some people say that no one can call themselves a Shaman. But the spirit people already choose the people they want from birth. The spirit people initiate the Shaman and so they know they are Shaman. It’s just that the called person has to except the calling. I even remember reading a book on Frank Fools Crow where he mentioned he knew he was a Medicine Man. I think a person has to know they are spiritually called because it would be very difficult to do all that is necessary to learn and develop if you didn’t know. It takes a lot of effort and work on a daily basis. It is a way of life. It is not like going to Church on Sunday and you do what you want the rest of the time. It is a very serious commitment to self, spirits and the community.

With that said, I will do my best with the aid of my spirit helpers to be a positive force in my community. I will do all I can to honor the spirits so there will be balance in the World.

Reverend Amy Frank

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