Friday, June 6, 2008

Diversity Homeschool Group New Mexico East Mountains Area

Diversity Homeschool Group

It's never too early for homeschooling parents to think about a group for their children to play and make friends with.

Diversity Homeschool Group is for all people no matter what religion they are. I created this group because I wasn't allowed with my son in other groups because I was not Christian. This group is for any one who homeschool no matter if you are Christian, Pagan, Bhuddhist or any other religion. It is a very simple group where we meet at Los Vientos three times a week and once a month go to a field trip that everyone agrees upon. We don't do holidays, birthdays, pot lucks etc so everyone can feel comfortable.

Contact Amy at 505-832-2242

or click on the website link below

Many blessings

Shaman Amy

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