Sunday, June 15, 2008

Psychic Readings

We are doing psychic readings for clients over the phone. We have half hour and fifteen minute readings. Psychic readings done by a shaman have all the benefits of other peoples readings plus the added benefits of the wisdom of all my helper spirits as well. You must email me for an appointment and when I give the okay then you will pay first via the internet and then you will phone back at the appointed time and receive your reading. These readings are very reasonable. $15.00 for fifteen minutes and $30.00 for a half hour. Please click on the link below to order your reading.

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Anonymous said...

I do enjoy getting some freebies about personalized psychic readings every once in a while. I think that its ok to read some guidelines and advices in our lives like those from psychic, what matters is on how we interpret those readings and use it in our daily lives.