Thursday, June 19, 2008

Using Gray Water from Your Washing Machine

I'm always looking for easy ways to be green. One way I found to use gray water easily from your washing machine only cost $12.00 in parts. The two parts are Bar Fitting and Pipe to Hose fitting. First you fit the Bar Fitting into your hose coming from your washing machine. Sometimes those pipes get a little hard. Just measure the inside and tell your hardware person the measurement. If it is too hard to push the part in just soak the end of the washing machine pipe in boiling hot water for ten minutes and it will be a lot more flexible. Then screw on the Pipe to Hose fitting and fit that to a watering hose and push it out the window or door like I do and water away your trees. I use a green clothes soap that breaks down to a fertilizer and my trees are loving it.

Many blessings

Shaman Amy

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