Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cedar Berry Protection Bracelets produced by our own Pure Navajo Jewelry Maker

Navajo Protection Bracelets

The Navajos have many types of protection. They have various types of wild tobacco that grow on the reservation that are smoked for protection. One can also use arrowheads for protection. They are said to split off the negativity but these must be blessed by a medicine man before they can be used. There are certain herbs like Ch il Diche but this herb can be difficult to find. And there are cedar berries bracelets. The Cedar Berries in this bracelet are from the Navajo. Legend has it that they have been worn for hundreds of years as protection from evil spirits and bad dreams. They never have to be taken off.

Our Navajo protection bracelets used to be made for us but the business that made them went out of business. The good news is that our Navajo Jewelry maker who is pure blood Navajo is going to be making them. They will now come in three sizes small medium and large. They will be made with turquoise chips and wild crafted cedar berries that he drills holes in his self to allow them to be beaded. He will use three colors of glass seed beads, crystal, turquoise, and red and red pony beads too. It will use the metal jewelry wire. This will also include a shamanic blessing for protectiona as well. We hope you will enjoy this new product.

Please click on the protection jewelry link to see our protection bracelets: Protection Jewelry Link

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