Monday, February 11, 2008

New Age Voodoo Dolls, Ongons, and Spirit Dolls

VooDoo Doll, Ongons, and Spirit Dolls
The definition of Voodoo in Wikipedia is as follows: "Voodoo is a religious tradition originating in West Africa, which became prominent in the New World due to the importation of African slaves. West African Vodun is the original form of the religion: Haitian Vodou and Louisiana Voodoo are its descendants in the New World."

I don't know much about Voodoo but from my readings, people who practice Voodoo believe in a divine Creator and many other spirit people whom have particular attributes. It appears to me that Voodoo priest and priestesses are able to bring spirits essence into objects and dolls. That is as far as my comprehension goes.

Why speaking about Voodoo dolls? I make something similar but the most common understood name coming closest to what I do is Voodoo doll.

Ongons are objects or dolls that become like a house for spirits. An ongon is a symbolic dwelling or sitting place for spirits. It can be simple or complex. It can be a stone, leather or doll like, or anything. It too is embued with a spirit that is needed.

I like to call the spirit dwelling places I make, "Spirit Dolls, " because I embue them with spirits depending on what the need is. My "Spirit Dolls", Ongons or Voodoo dolls, (whatever term you want to use) must be treated with respect.They must be placed on an altar where they will not be disrespected. Never place your alter in a disrespectful place like the bathroom. Try to place your alter where there is not a lot of traffic and out of the way from children or animals that can disrespect the Voodoo doll, Ongon, Spirit Doll. The Voodoo Doll, Ongon, Spirit Doll needs to be feed. I like to feed mine often with butter, milk or tea. Also, to wave three sticks of incense at at time nine times is also very good (sandalwood is best). I also leave a plate of food for them. Whatever I have thats good. I leave chocolate bars, sunflower seeds, cup of tea, beef jerky, fruits and vegetables. Make sure to remove the food before they spoil and eat them in an honerable manner. And whenever something positive happens, be sure to add a decoration to the Voodoo Doll, Ongon, Sprit Dolls. I made a necklace for mine and place a gemstone bead everytime something good happens.

If you no longer want to work with your Voodoo Doll, Ongon or Spirit Doll, please dispose of it in the proper manner. You must either burn it respectfully or discard it in a place out in nature away from people. Simply throwing a Voodoo Doll, Ongon, Spirit Doll away is an insult to the spirit and you may suffer illness or bad luck as a result of its anger.

We make Voodoo Dolls, Ongon, or Spirit Dolls. However, nothing I make will ever be made to cause harm or imballance in the World. If you want something to harm someone then you've come to the wrong site. There is enough negativity in the World already. I will only add that which is possitive.VooDoo Doll Link

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