Monday, May 26, 2008

Organic Sustainable Farm and the Shamanic Center

On June 1, 2008 volunteers from the Edgewood Unitarian Universalist Church will be coming to the Shamanic Center, which is also our home and place where we are starting an organic sustainable farm. It's really small but my hope is to show to people that anyone can do it. We are using two wonderful books one is Grow More Vegetables by John Jeavons, and the other is How To Make A Forest Garden by Patrick White. Wonderful books that can help anyone (even disabled people in a wheelchair) become sustainable as much as possible. John Jeavons main concern is the lack of land that people all over the world will have soon and the fact that we have distroyed the top soil over the years instead of building it up. With his techniques you can grow maximum amounts of food in 100 square foot beds. In Patrick Whitefield's book he is concerned also about the small amount of land people will have in the world and about the devistation of the rain forest and other forest. His gardening techniques allow for small gardens, with minimum work, using the nature of forest as the guide to grow food gardens. His dream is that every one will have back yard forest.

I love both of these books because they give us all a way that we can be a solution no matter who we are.

These wonderful people from the Edgewood Unitarian Universalist Church are also going to paint the outside of the Shamanic Center and clean up the place so it will be a presentable place for people to visit.

My dream is to have one of those metal fire pits for fire ceremonies, to somehow have enough materials for my shamanic regalia for public ceremonies, a yurt or a hogan built to have private healing ceremonies in, a small office to have clients visit to purchase ceremonial items.

All of these are done on a small scale of only 3/4 acre of land.

A famous Mongolian Shaman Sarangerel, said that Shaman are suppose to keep the traditions. I on the other hand will forge forward to present a better life for all of us today and a better future for the generation after us.

Many blessings

Shaman Amy

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