Friday, July 25, 2008

The Price of Authenticity

The Price of Authenticity

I was speaking with a lady the other day and she told me about a horrible childhood with extreme abuse that actually went on until well into adulthood. She also told me that while going through a very tough time in her life that a spirit of a holocaust victim came to her and told her there was a cost for survival. I thought about what she told me and realized it wasn’t so much for survival than for authenticity.

I also some days back had a lady tell me that smart people pretend to be whatever to stay in the good graces of their community. She told me that although she wasn’t catholic she went on a regular basis to church and took the holy items of those peoples.

Thinking back on what these two ladies told me let me realize that it is definitely not for survival more than for authenticity that there was the greatest cost.

I really feel for people who pretend their lives away. Yes, they are surviving but they never fully become the people they really are. These pretend people never really get to know themselves and their true purpose in life for the sake of deceiving everyone into thinking they are something they are not.

On the other hand people, who stay true to themselves no matter what the price (the Jewish people in the holocaust) they are at least genuine, have their true self.

As for myself, I am a shaman and I am who I am. I will never pretend to be something I am not no matter how unpopular it is in my community to be a shaman and not a catholic. So I suppose I mean to say that I am willing to pay the price of authenticity.

To me, it is a shame that humans have not evolved to the point where true authenticity is allowed in societies.

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