Monday, November 5, 2007

Why a Shaman Metaphysical Store

My wife Amy started her shamanic journey a long time ago while a young adult when the spirit of her great grand mother came to her and told her to walk the good red road. Since then Amy has been on journey learning from many medicine people and shaman. She learned from the Lakota, Pima, Navajo, Hochunk, and Mongolian and from this multi- cultural and multi-perspective learning has come to call herself an Earth Shaman. She believes that these important ways and teachings are for all the people of Earth no matter what race or culture the person comes from. As she says in her own words,

“I'm a first level Shaman. I consider myself an Earth Shaman. Looking for being inclusive of all peoples and not just one culture or peoples.”

So we have added the Shaman Metaphysical Store to provide a place to get information and products of relevance to daily shamanic lifestyle and worship.

We have added many spiritual products to our website as a result, such as, pendulums, crystals, rose water, smudges (sweet grass, sage) , ceremonial essential and fragrance oils, singing bowls, mirrors, journals, Mongolian Tarot card reading, voodoo dolls and poppets, wooden boxes, totem jewelry, patterns to make cloth menstruation pads and natural body care products.

Amy now does a Shamanic ritual to remove negative energies on everything that enters our home and business. Then for all items we make ourselves, she does a continuous Shamanic blessing ceremony so that all of our soaps, body care products, hand made bags, amulet bags, totem stones, jewelry, etc. have the energy in them to bless you with positive, affirming energy from the Cosmos.

Amy also blesses all of the items we sale on our website so whether you choose a handmade item or one of our other items not hand made by us you can be sure to gain positive, affirming energy from the Cosmos.

To have a look at all of our products click on the Shaman Metaphysical Store Link. Shaman Metaphysical Store Link

L. G. Frank

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