Friday, November 2, 2007

The Spiritual Significance of the Lone Star Quilt

Native American Lone Star Quilt, Morning Star Quilt, or Star QuiltA large single 8-pointed star in the center of a quilt top is sometimes called a "lone star quilt", but many Native Americans refer to them simply as "star quilts" or “Morning Star Quilts”. The Star Quilt took on the role of replacing the buffalo robe in ceremonial and religious life. Death, birth and other important events are a time for giving and sharing of these Star Quilts at ceremonies. As explained "The most important use of star quilts in contemporary Lakota society is as gifts at a memorial for the dead called a "Giveaway". The Giveaway is a time to share food, quilts and goods at a memorial for the dead.

The mythology as well as the traditions of North American Indian tribes shows a religious observance of the stars and a reverence for all the heavenly bodies. The Milky Way is called the "Pathway of Departed Souls." After death it is believed, by many Indian Americans, that the spirit of the deceased passes on this pathway to the Southern Star, the abiding place of the dead. It is thought that to the Stars, the Great Spirit gave the power to watch over mortals on earth and impart to them spiritual blessings. The Star Quilt is given today as a token of this belief. Southwest Peoples call this Gods Eye.To see our wonderful collection of lone star quilts please click on the lone star quilt link LONE STAR QUILT LINK

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