Monday, November 5, 2007

Lone Star Quilt Master Quilter

Our Master Hand Quilter And Patchwork Quilter
Wanda Cunningham - Master hand quilter and patchework quilter of New Mexico is 55 years old and has been quilting since the age of 16. She quilted with your grandma and mom and all of her quilting experience was learnt from them. She tells her own story in the next few paragraphs. I'm a native of New Mexico born and grew up in New Mexico. My Mom and Grandma are natives of Arkansas. Now about my quilts. The batting is poly-fil. I like this batting because it adds longer life to the quilt and never separates or bunches like the cotton battings. The tops are all made with 100% cotton or polyester cotton. I prefer the 100% cotton because this is more traditional for American quilts, however; sometimes I have to use a polyester cotton to match the colors appropriately, All the edgings on my quilts have prairie points, they are entirely hand quilted and hand hemmed. We have 10 stitches per inch in our hand quilting. My baby and crib quilts are backed with flannel. They are also polyfilled and are either, fabric printed with sashing, hand embroidered, or patchwork. All have prairie points and are hand quilted. Click on the link to look at the quilts I'm presently selling.

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